2014 award

Reverend Shobha Diane Hughes

Ordained Interfaith Minister

Wedding Officiant





  2015 award  


I am an ordained interfaith, interspiritual, non-denominational wedding minister who embraces all cultures, religions, spiritual paths and traditions. As your Officiant it is my intention to create a unique ceremony that weaves together your stories, traditions and love for each other into an unforgettable sacred ceremony that you and your guests will be fondly reminiscing about for years. I am universal in my approach to spirituality and my ceremonies reflect the beauty and validity of all paths.

For those couples who want to incorporate their backgrounds into their ceremonies: I have a broad insight into both Western and Eastern traditions as well as the beauty and profoundness of Native American Spirituality and the Indigenous tribes.

For those couples who have chosen not to affiliate or connect to any tradition or culture: I have written and performed exquisite ceremonies based on the pure Spirit of Love with no mention of a deity.

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